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Where are the women leaders?

where are the women managers?

The good news is that companies that started to address the shortfall of women in leadership many years ago, continue to lead the way, with 40.2% women on the boards of FTSE 350 companies (FTSE Women Leaders Review 2023).

Whilst the number of women on Boards across the FTSE350 has improved over the last few years, there is still much to do in terms of getting women into leadership roles and the very top jobs across the UK.

It appears that even given the ever-strengthening pipeline of experienced women in leadership, many more women should have been appointed to the highest roles than seen at present. There is a particular lack of progress in women in Chief Executive and Finance Director roles.

The development of credible and able candidates inside an organisation calls for a deep and well-executed approach to talent management and for today’s leaders to double down on efforts to bring women through the ranks.

More women still need to be encouraged into managerial roles with purposeful succession planning and talent management to better utilise female talent.

Hampton Alexander Review 2020

‘Companies must work on recruiting women, supporting them through their careers to get to those leadership positions and work to retain them once they get there.’

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