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Our mission is to empower aspirational women to forge successful management careers in the corporate world.

To maximise strengths and capabilities, improve self-belief, bolster confidence and hone leadership skills, we offer:

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Where are the women managers?

where are the women managers?Almost a third of all board room positions at Britain’s biggest companies are now held by women, but female representation in management roles is still inadequate (Hampton Alexander Review 2019 and 2020).

The shortage of women in top senior executive roles across a range of sectors will make it difficult to sustain the government milestone of 30% women on FTSE 350 boards in the long term.

We don’t have sufficient women in senior roles to make the step up to board level positions, because we don’t have sufficient women in middle management roles throughout UK organisations to make the step up to senior roles. Women are still a woefully neglected source of leadership talent.

Hampton Alexander Review 2019

‘There are still too few women being appointed into
senior leadership roles.’

Unfortunately, the UK is still a long way from meeting a separate target of 30% of senior leadership roles being held by women. The current female talent pipeline will not be sufficient to maintain these longer term aims.

More women need to be encouraged into managerial roles with purposeful succession planning and talent management to better utilise female talent.

Strengthening the number of women in executive roles is therefore critical to achieving longer term gender balance. There’s no shortage of capable and competent women able to fulfil senior leadership roles in companies – but for some reason they seem to disappear when management positions are being filled.

Hampton Alexander Review 2020

‘Companies must work on recruiting women, supporting them through their careers to get to those leadership positions and work to retain them once they get there.’

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