Where do you get your power from?

Where do you get your energy from?

Do you just love a good networking ‘do’? Do you see it as an opportunity to make new friends? Or does the thought...
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Bin Your To Do List! (and other ways to be more organised)

There are always days when we feel like we’re spinning so many plates we’re on the verge of one falling… Days when we...
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Hybrid working

7 tips for Successfully Switching to Hybrid Working

7 tips for Successfully Switching to Hybrid Working Involve Your Team Canvas opinions and survey staff preferences properly beforehand. Then, if your organisation...
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Webinar: Handling Imposter Feelings

Webinar: Handling Imposter Feelings Date And Time Monday, 24th May, 2021 12.00 PM BST In this webinar, I am discussing Handling Imposter Feelings.
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Woman up

5 Tips for High Achievers to Combat Self-Doubt

Are you an ambitious achiever plagued by moments of self-doubt? You may be upbeat and motivated with a can-do outlook most of the...
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green light

Why a change is as good as a rest (and why your team will thank you for it!)

We’re all facing our own unique challenges right now – home-schooling, keeping ourselves motivated, caring responsibilities, pressured workloads, balancing work/life, maintaining our ability...
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4 Tips for Building Your Resilience

There’s so much talk about needing to be resilient. And of course bounce-back ability in the face of challenge and change is important....
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