Worried that someone might take off your mask?

Worried that someone might take off your mask?

Fred unmasking himselfThink its just a matter of time until others find you out?

Imposter syndrome makes you question your own success, your experience and your worth.

Even if you only have fleeting imposter ‘moments’ rather than the full-blown constant syndrome, those flashes of self-doubt can lead to painful anxiety and a whole host of other symptoms including perfectionism, overpreparing, maintaining a low profile or dismissing positive feedback.

It might be a sudden panicky feeling when you’re doing something new like a new job, a tough assignment or even stepping up to a longed-for promotion.

It could be a niggling self-doubt experienced when you feel different from the rest of the group you’re working with.

Or maybe it’s a longer term nagging voice in the back of your mind, questioning your ability and undermining the success you’ve undoubtedly already achieved.

Because that’s a significant factor in imposterism – it tends to strike people who’ve already had successes, but who tend to dismiss them as lucky breaks or flukes.

Feeling like you’re an imposter doesn’t mean you are one. Feelings are not the same as facts.

Coaching can help you distinguish between the two and avoid the slippery slope into negative thinking patterns. If you feel its time you started addressing those faulty beliefs and getting that inner critic under control, get in touch.